The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine was created as a protest against what health care has distorted into that this article elucidates. After 11 years of successful patient care that is cost and therapeutically effective, I am now ready to develop The Ommani Model into a prototype that can help our country. Both physicians and patients are deeply hurting. In Chapter 9 of Becoming Real entitled ‘Reframing Health Care’, I have detailed some of the toxicity and brokenness that our health care system has incorporated into its business model that is hurting both physicians and patients. The Ommani Center’s business model is an answer to this. Please read this article from Newsweek and respond to this posting. If you have any ideas about the next steps to reform health care in America based on what you have experienced at The Ommani Center, please feel free to share it. Please share this with anyone you think can aid in the formation of The Ommani Model’s prototype. ~Dr. K

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