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About The Ommani Center in Pewaukee, WI

Founded and created by Dr. Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar, M.D. The Ommani Center opened its doors in February 2001. After spending half a decade practicing medicine in a corporate health care setting, she became disillusioned by the failure of health care to uphold its mission to facilitate true health and healing for patients. She created the model The Ommani Center has offered thousands of patients in the past two decades. It engages evidence based scientific method with the highest standard-of-care in Medicine and complementary medical practices.

The Ommani Center is one of our country’s most therapeutically and cost-effective integrative medical centers. It is located in a beautiful, natural setting which was consciously chosen to enhance patient comfort and healing. Over the years, patients of The Ommani Center have enjoyed significant success in disease prevention and reversal, in addition to core healing with Dr. Kumar’s Four Body System™ integrative approach, where both traditional and complementary modalities are used to create a uniquely customized treatment plan for each patient.

Evidence Based Integrative Medicine