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Evidence Based Integrative Medicine Services in Pewaukee, WI

Integrative Medicine is a medical approach that is inclusive of traditional and complementary medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of “dis-ease” to maximize the potential for cure.

Integrative Medicine’s premise is to diagnose the root levels from which diseases manifest, and to facilitate the healing of these levels with traditional and/or complementary interventions that maximize the potential for cure by treating symptoms and realigning the body with its innate ability to become healthy and whole.

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Comprehensive Medical Care to Prevent & Reverse Disease

At The Ommani Center, highly trained, experienced, and board-certified in Internal Medicine, Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar M.D., is committed to achieving the goal of evidence-based disease prevention and reversal to serve the individual needs of her patients.

What differentiates The Ommani Center’s integrative approach from other integrative medical approaches is Dr. Kumar’s innovative diagnostic Four Body System™ framework for diagnosis and treatment. For nearly three decades, it has demonstrated faster and greater therapeutic efficacy at a significantly lower cost than other integrative approaches nationwide.

In addition to providing Primary Care, Dr. Kumar specializes in the treatment of autoimmune, thyroid, and hormonal conditions, midlife hormone imbalance and weight gain, cardiovascular diseases, restoration of the gut-brain, stress reduction, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

Complementary Care to Heal Patients


Acupuncture is a branch of Oriental Medicine developed in Asia and used around the world. In some parts of the world, it is the primary approach to medical care to treat a wide variety of ailments. It involves the insertion of thin, sterilized, disposable needles into specific points on Meridian channels on the surface of the body that become blocked or stagnant, triggering symptoms or disease. Acupuncture is a painless and relaxing modality that can facilitate healing without pharmaceutical medications.

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy approaches symptoms and illness from the perspective of the body/mind/emotions as an integrated whole. These become imbalanced under conditions of acute or chronic stress. Homeopathic remedies match the patient’s constitutional defense mechanisms to stimulate a healing correction and a return to a healthy and aligned state. Clients of all ages can be treated for most physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST), is a gentle hands-on technique that can release tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and fatigue, heal trauma and anxiety, fibromyalgia, sinus issues, TMJ, and headaches, as well as prepare and destress the body before and after surgical procedures.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is a modality that supports and assists people to become masters of their own health. Your work with your health coach can be in collaboration with your physician, and also independent to support your efforts to improve your health and transform behaviors that may sabotage it.

Nutritional Guidance

Research shows that dietary habits influence disease risk. While certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, others offer strong medicinal and protective qualities. Our Registered Dietitians have a Plant-based focus and can guide you to transition to an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent and reverse disease.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a hands-on modality that addresses illnesses or injuries which limit a person's abilities to move and perform functional activities. Stress is the greatest limiting factor for chronic pain and gait disturbance. We not only restore our patient’s functional status but also educate and guide them to facilitate self-healing.


The beginning point for psychotherapy is to learn how to align with one’s ability to become self-aware. Everyone’s story is specific and complex and requires understanding and reflection to find meaning that may dissipate with trauma and dysfunction. Psychotherapy is a process of examining habitual patterns that can that create discomfort to restore wholeness and alignment with one’s authentic self. Effective methods are used to help clients examine the sources of this discomfort. Working with a therapist can assist in understanding and transforming the areas of your life that may be dysfunctional or painful to create a more aligned and meaningful life. Adults, adolescents, couples, LGBT, and families are all welcome.

Reiki/Therapeutic Yoga

Reiki is a hands-on energy healing technique that promotes the body’s self-healing. It can be a stand-alone technique and/or is used in conjunction with traditional medical procedures/care. It doesn’t interfere with other treatments. Therapeutic Yoga is an individually designed gentle yoga practice to prevent and/or facilitate recovery from illness or injury. It allows persons dealing with chronic pain or disease to participate in a consistent exercise program for improved overall health.

Massage Therapy

Whether a therapeutic or relaxation service, all massage has a beneficial mechanical effect on soft & connective tissues & joints and provides a stimulating effect on circulation. The reflexive effects of massage ignite the body’s own natural healing and immune processes. Massage provides a strong, stress-relief response that can provide a lasting impact long after the session. Periodic and regular massage therapy is an ideal way to support one’s general health and sense of well-being.

Evidence Based Integrative Medicine