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Dr Kumar… I just want you to know how much you inspire me to be better. How you have opened my eyes to so much and literally awakened my soul. Your book was eye-opening. It led me to other things that blew my soul wide open. I cried last week while driving to work and was overtaken by how much better I feel and how awakened I am to the real self and what life is about. I’ve chased the wrong things and I’ve focused on the wrong things. I’ve changed habits I never New I would or could. I’ve learned to brush off the negative things and drama in my life. I’m still learning. Every single day I feel like I’m on the best journey ever. I feel like I’m in constant school of SELF. I share with everyone I know about you and your magnificence in this world and how you ultimately probably saved my life. I’ve talked to strangers about you. I tell everyone I can all of what I’ve learned when it comes to food as medicine and the power of one’s self. God Bless you!


Having been in a horrific, life altering car accident 8 years ago, I tried everything to regain a normalcy of life. Years of care via physical therapy, orthopedic doctor, pain doctor, X-Rays, CT scans, MRIs, cortisone injections, boatloads of prescription medication, etc… You get the picture.
When my pain doctor didn’t know what to do, he suggested I see a free standing registered dietitian. I did so right away and went gluten free on May 13, 2013. After starting that diet, instead of losing weight, I gained 10 lbs. I was then referred to a holistic nurse practitioner. I worked with her for about 8 months trying to get my under active thyroid normalized. It finally came to the point where she didn’t know what else to do for me!
My primary care doctor thought what I was doing was “witch crackery”. I knew I needed to find a new primary doctor who would work with me NOT against me. I was referred to Dr Rose Kumar by my allergist. My initial appointment was on April 9, 2014. She took a look at my health history & medications & said “I know exactly what’s wrong”. This started a great relationship between patient and doctor. She listens to me. When I’ve called her saying I think my thyroid is low, she doesn’t question me, she orders the labs I need!!! She responds so promptly to MyChart (electronic medical record secure email system) with answers to my questions & other great ideas. She has been a cheerleader in my life, always telling me how well I’m doing & that we are almost at point where my thyroid will be normal. I’m pleased to tell you that my thyroid was finally normal on 9/16/14!!!
After 8 years of trying to get my health back, I’m finally feeling normal again!!! I thank God for directing me to Dr Kumar. I will be forever grateful to her for her attention to detail and the love that she poured out on me. I can’t encourage you enough to make an appointment to see her. She’s been a blessing!!!!


I love how I feel after I visit your practice. I walk away with HOPE. Today it was hope after talking with David Johnson about a homeopathic remedy. Even more significant was how I felt after my first visit. I have been fat since pre-school, and of course doctors have talked “at” me about my weight and how it isn’t healthy and what I should and should not eat…. But you were the first doctor ever in my 57 years to look me in the eye and say “I can help you.” You described the apparent lack of discipline or will power, given that I know what I should be doing and fail to stick with the plan, and the subsequent self-loathing and said “I can help you.” Your words brought tears to my eyes. I left with a copy of your book, and I know it is because of your 4-body system model of health that you can make that statement where other doctors cannot. They do not have a clue how to get inconsistent me to do anything consistently. HOPE is powerful, and I thank you for that most wonderful gift.


Imet Dr. Kumar about 2.5 years ago right after having moved to Milwaukee from the NYC area. Based on my European upbringing, I have subscribed to a proactive and natural approach to healthcare (vs disease management) my entire life and continuously seek out the best and brightest leaders in that field. From the first moment I met Dr. Kumar, I instinctively knew that I could entrust myself to her care. For the past 2.5 years, Dr. Kumar and I collaborated in getting to the root cause of my hormone imbalance, which manifested itself in heavy-duty cystic acne along the jawline, “foggy brain,” weight gain, fatigue, and general malaise (aka feeling “off”). Dr. Kumar’s precise, courageous, and resourceful approach led us to determine my personal (vs the standard “Jane Doe”) ideal progesterone/estrogen ratio. With that newfound knowledge, we were able to – slowly but surely – get my system back into balance. Dr. Kumar engages a multi-faceted approach, including her Executive Stress Reduction Program (which I highly recommend by the way) in order to heal both body and mind. Today, I have my radiant skin and svelte figure back — plus feel more positive, passionate, high-energy, and empowered than ever. No small feat given that another expert in NYC had tried – but failed – to achieve the same result. I wish I would have some before & after pictures to showcase the physiological aspects of my recovery – but I purposefully avoided any “before” type evidence given how uncomfortable I used to feel in my own skin. I hope that this testimonial will encourage others to “become real” and take the bull by the horns. Life’s too short for needless suffering and darkness – and we all deserve to live a healthy and balanced life in order to fulfill our true potential. You are in good hands with Dr. Kumar!


I‘ve been dealing with health issues for the last 15 years. My other physicians were good, but never got to the core of my health issues. It was recommended to me that I see Dr. Kumar. Since making that change, my core is getting stronger. I have energy to burn and have lost weight (without trying.) You ask how? By eating more vegetables and less carbs. It’s a work of art in progress with improving results. So put yourself on the road to a healthier you and make an appointment with Dr. Kumar. Core strong and improving.


Dr. Kumar and the Ommani staff are best described by truth and true compassion. It is not your ordinary clinic which is a blessing especially Dr. Kumar. Truly believe that through their words but more importantly through their caring actions, we are getting to the root cause of my hormone imbalance. Finally I have hope for improved overall health and a lasting relationship with my compassionate doctor and the Ommani clinic. Thank you!!
Truly thank you all for help over the past few weeks.


In my precious 58 years of life I’ve learned that finding people, let alone Healthcare Professionals, who care about you sincerely is rare! Dr Rose Kumar and her staff are not only some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals, but they truly care about their patients as people. Dr Rose not only healed me when no other physician in WI could -she facilitated the way to my feeling better than I have ever felt in my life. Because of her, I am healthy, balanced, fit, and ready to take on the world. Happy New Year to The Ommani Center and thank you for all you do!


"In the back of my mind, I was considering writing a tribute acknowledging the Ommani Center as a resource for health and healing. My attention, however, as I sat in my ophthalmologists office, was focused on filling out a form labeled Review of Symptoms. Four long columns of any symptom that might identify a health concern needed to be responded to by checking yes or no in the small adjacent box.

As I made my way down one list and up another, I recognized that I was consistently checking the no box. I was not experiencing any of these negative symptoms today nor had I in the past three months.

I wondered if sharing this form with the Ommani Center would be a graphic way of saying, Thank you. I turned 79 years of age last week. That means I am starting my 80th year. Statistically this birthdate would be accompanied by a diagnosis of some chronic disease.

Gratefully, under the guidance of Dr. Kumar I am not being treated for disease but rather learning how to celebrate this amazing gift, known as my body. I am learning the benefits of organic plant- based meals and the value of carefully prescribed supplements.

Aging is fun when your body is happy.

I want to thank God for His amazing grace to me and The Ommani Center for the delivery of health care as it is designed to be!!"


Evidence Based Integrative Medicine