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When I ask my patients to change their diets to healthier, plant-based ones, many tell me that they will be met with resistance from their children. Isn’t the role of a parent to raise their children with healthy imprinting? Ultimately, it is our role as parents to teach our children what is best for their health, to model it for them, and to provide our children with nourishment at all levels.

Children do not come equipped with accurate information in these areas. They rely on us to guide them, which we must, despite their resistance.

When I was pregnant with my daughter 23 years ago, I realized that what I ate impacted her health, not just mine. A ‘light bulb’ went off in my brain that was based on common sense. I stepped onto an organic path that was based on the premise of Food as Medicine. It made a lot of sense and since then, there is a monumental amount of scientific data that supports it. I have never swayed from this path. As a matter of fact, I have moved more deeply onto it. I am happy to say that both my children are imprinted with the premise that Food is Medicine!

Twenty-three years ago, our food supply was not as contaminated, and genetically modified foods were not commonplace. They are today, and it takes more work and consciousness to make sure our families are safe when it comes to what we feed them. This is one of the greatest acts of LOVE that we can show. Its benefits will last our children a lifetime.

For parents who have young children, the link below has some superb recommendations.–2nd-grade?cmpid=foodinc-fb

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