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At 14, I had a near-death experience that left me re-calibrated and deeply sensitive. It brought a dimension into my presence that was unknown to me before. This dimension has never left me.

What I experienced is an otherworldly feeling of love and compassion that was multidimensional and utterly penetrating. I could never have received the intensity of this in my 3-dimensional body. Only my disembodied self was able to take this in.

The energy I was embraced during those moments is always with me. It has deepened my intuition and brought a depth of knowledge that continues to move me to seek. It is other-worldly. It accompanies me where ever I go and with whoever I am. The compassion that I felt during this disembodiment was not understandable to my 14-year-old psyche. The depth of it can only be likened to the power and love of a mother giving birth. This is the best description I can give of what I was immersed in.

For many people who have been near-death, the experience of the world is changed from that moment on. They are able to see through the chaff and illusion and connect with a REAL sense of what being here is all about. Their inner eye opens to a degree that brings clarity of purpose and a depth of soul vision that assists them in a knowing that only an initiation like this can offer.

In some ways, it is difficult to have this sight. In other ways, it makes soul work more intense, ever pregnant with possibility and potential. It makes it easier in many ways to not get caught up in worldly illusions and develop a right relationship with oneself so the fleeting and superficial values of the world don’t hook in.

The challenge sometimes is to be able to relate to this energy with the three-dimensional body and one’s humanness that can limit the felt experience. It is also challenging to put it into words and describe it with an accuracy of feeling.

I was forever changed by this. It initiated me into a sight with my patients that is deep and utterly sacred.

One of its greatest gifts for me is the depth to which I can feel what is REAL.

At this point in my life, I cannot settle for anything less.

For this, I am forever grateful.

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