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Today I was thinking about the animating force in my body, in all our bodies, in life itself. This animating force is SOUL.

Rumi says from the moment we are born, our soul is seeking union with the Source. This is the driving force of seekers. I feel that the closest we can connect to Source in this life is through LOVE. Music, poetry, and art are all ways that come close to feeling the energy of the Soul and connection with the Source. Another way to feel it is with people we love. When I am with my patients, I always feel it.

I began feeling this sensation in my heart early on in my career. It felt like the bliss of union, of connection and resonance. It brought with it joy and lightness of being within me – a numinosity. The moments I spent and still spend with my patients are indescribable, priceless, and timeless. These moments of the soulful union are blessings in my life.

It feels something like this – “we are both here in this sacred space together, connected in a ‘soul contract’ to explore and seek a path to healing and wholeness.”

I can say that there is no other feeling quite like this one. Maybe I can venture to say that it emerges from a portal in my heart that flows from my Life’s Work. I don’t quite have the words to express what it feels like the inside of me to be with my patients. Maybe BLISS is the best descriptor. Of course, bliss is borne from LOVE. Love flows from Soul as it seeks union with Source. Being with my patients connects me to Source.

I am sure many other physicians feel this way; at least I hope they do.

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